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Falling forever

A demo EP from Neovixen.

Contains 6 songs and two bonus tracks. Available worldwide on all major streaming services.

1. Together
2. Goth Girl [Explicit]
3. Did You Forget [Explicit]
4. Brand New [Explicit]
5. Yosi
6. Dumb
Bonus 1. Foreword.
Bonus 2. My Sharks (Parody of My Trains by Lemon Demon) [Explicit]

Artwork by grgikau/Kasey Uhter

Release Date: July 15th 2020


The first chapter in the Demoralized series. It is about a girl named Mia Layman, who after her sister tragically passed away in a train wreck, began to sneak out and get drunk, trying to forget everything and move on, but things started progressively getting worse and worse and nothing seemed to help her.

1. Bonded By Blood
2. Dania
3. Corrupted Cadence
4. Far From Your Realm
5. Alcatraz
6. Dalliant Stranger
7. Have a Good Night
8. A Killer Clown Named Jim
9. What You Can't See
10. The Electrical Generation
11. Death Demeanor
12. Avemu Morte

Artwork by Helena S. and Gregory Luxford
Additional Production (Track 6) by Kai Music
Orchestral Contributions (Track 8) by Oliver Lodge
Additional Writing by Ashley West
Additional Vocals by Ashley West, Nick Vasic

Release Date: TBD


neovixen is an alternative band from chicago, which was built around the concept of a character, neovixen, a cryptic, nonhuman storytelling entity. many albums or songs are connected by series, telling a broader storyline.


no live shows currently available.

we are soon to begin rehearsing. more info available soon.


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